Adoption Advice & Guidance was born out of love… the love to grow our own family through the miracle that is adoption.  We aspire to be a source of comfort, knowledge, and guidance to our clients throughout their adoption process. Spend some time getting to know our team and discover why we are passionate about helping you.  You will understand and feel the love that makes
Adoption, Advice & Guidance a family, not just another business.


   Gloria founded Adoption Advice & Guidance in 2000 after having worked in the adoption field since 1993. She and her husband adopted their daughter, Amanda, as a newborn in 1995 and then went on to adopt Laura from Bulgaria in 1996. Having experienced both international and domestic adoption, she has a unique insight into the adoption process.
Gloria has a sincere compassion for her families and feels that each has a special place in her heart. 
      "In 1989, my husband and I decided to start the adoption process, after going through infertility treatments and suffering a miscarriage. We signed up with a reputable agency and ended up waiting 6 years for the child of our dreams. During these years of waiting, I lost both of my parents. I was devastated. I knew that something had to be done to prevent others from going through such heartache, while praying to have what only seemed natural.... a family. I wanted to pave the path for other adoptive families.
After extensive nationwide research I found that couples did not have to wait years to adopt and within 6 months we became the proud parents of a newborn girl domestically and went on to adopt a 22 month old from Bulgaria.
The beautiful thing is that our story had a very happy ending, and we are here to see that your story will not only have a happy ending but a happy beginning."

        We are privileged to say that Donna Henson has been a part of our team for 10 years.  Donna and her husband, John, adopted a healthy and handsome boy with the help of Gloria and the AAG staff. Ever since then, Donna has been an asset to our company and is most likely the first voice you will hear when you call our office. She has a great commitment and desire to help others adopt and ensure their adoption journey is a positive and happy experience, just as she had. Donna very well versed in how adoption works and what you need to make your miracle happen. 
     Lynette joined the Adoption Advice and Guidance family in January of 2007 prior to her and her husband adopting their beautiful son, Josh. After suffering from infertility, a devastating miscarriage in 2004 and numerous failed infertility treatments Lynette and her husband began looking into adoption to grow their family.  With the help of Gloria and the rest of the team, Lynette and her husband were blessed to adopt Josh in 2009. Although Lynette works remotely, she is available 24/7 to offer the one on one support so necessary through any adoption journey.  Adoption Advice and Guidance opened their arms and fully embraces Lynette’s in-depth knowledge, dedication and love for others seeking to grow their family.


     Jennifer has been with Adoption Advice & Guidance from the beginning in 2000. She experienced the joy of her two nieces who were adopted and has a sincere compassion for families who are adopting.  Jennifer is responsible for managing our office has been running the behind the scenes aspect since day one.  She has helped organize our operation electronically by building our databases and setting up a comprehensive evaluation system for each of our clients to help better serve you.  Jennifer comes from the health care field with a true desire to be of assistance to you.
     Colleen joined our team after she and her husband, Tom, adopted their daughter, Abbey, in 2002.  Colleen went through infertility after having her biological son, Ryan, who was seven years old at the time they adopted.  Colleen will more than likely be the first contact you have when calling our office.  Colleen handles the entire out of state consultations via telephone.  Her compassion, sincerity and knowledge are a valuable asset to our clients and us.  We are fortunate to have her working with us.